Alpaca wool scarf and socks gift box

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Dim cold nights are already knocking on our door, which means it's time to dress as warm as possible. The best way to do that is to pull on some nice warm socks, so the cold wouldn't bite your toes, and to wrap a warm soft alpaca scarf around your neck for extra warmth and comfort.

Alpacas are mainly farmed for their excellent wool. Alpaca wool is shiny and silky, soft and luxurious. It is believed to be 7 times warmer and 3 times more durable than lambswool. It is not prickly and does not contain lanolin, thus making it hypoallergenic.

This beautifully gift-wrapped box contains comfy warm socks and a luxurious alpaca wool scarf.

Warm alpaca socks for men and women
Classic and simple
Colour: grey
Composition: 62% acrylic, 28% alpaca wool, 10% polyamide

Colour of the scarf: grey
Composition of the scarf: 100% baby alpaca wool
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