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Sometimes mind wonders, sometimes it wanders... Interestingly enough most things in our life we seem to take for granted. I recently thought about how it’s the same with socks. We need them and use them every day without actually thinking about...
Posted By kristin reiljan
Nilit Ecocare welcomes you to a world of environmentally friendly materials that have been developed to significantly reduce the amount of resources used in their manufacture. Read More...
Posted By kristin reiljan
Creamy white lace anti-chafing thigh bands with pink bows
“Sorry, we don’t carry your size, it’s not the standard,” says the shop assistant when a bit taller, curvier and “out of the standard size” client wanders around the allies of a clothing store. Imagine this, you fi...
Posted By kristin reiljan
Lemon&lime cheesecake
Here’s a delicious lemon and lime cake recipe which is perfect for every occasion. Eneli, from our own office, tried it out and allowed us to share the recipe with all of you! The cake doesn’t need cooking so there’s no need to fear...
Posted By kristin reiljan
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