Nilit Ecocare: Caring for the Environment, Focused on the Future

Nilit Ecocare welcomes you to a world of environmentally friendly materials that have been developed to significantly reduce the amount of resources used in their manufacture. 


Nilit Ecocare also promotes an active policy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We do this through our program of sustainability established at the brick and mortar outlets where our end products are sold.  You can see all of the ECOCARE range presently available for purchase HERE.  


It should be noted that whenever a customer purchases our products, there is an established system that we have put in place, giving the customer the option to leave the packaging in store so it can either be reused or recycled. 


Ecocare tights   Ecocare label

Less Waste

 From the very beginning, NILIT has only had one objective in mind: to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacture of synthetic material in order to achieve a future where less resources are used and less waste is produced. 


NILIT EcoCare represents a tried and proven combination of environmental concern and sophisticated research and development (R&D) to deliver materials that truly deserve their green credentials.


NILIT EcoCare‘s approach has seen the need for high-energy stages in the production process removed. This success has enabled a significant amount of various resources to not just be merely conserved but made available for future generations. The manufacturing of NILIT EcoCare yarns leaves behind a greener and more sustainable future.


Detailed below are just two of the benefits resulting from the manufacturing process used. 

Per 1 tonne of thread produced the resources saved are: 

- 6194 kW of energy – equivalent to an incredible 87.6% reduction 
- 18 cubic meters of water per tonne – a 55% reduction in consumption


Putting this into context you can see how much less of a carbon footprint the manufacturing of our materials makes, there’s a 90% reduction in actual energy consumption and the need for water is reduced by 55%. The production now requires much less energy expenditure in order to be pumped to the site, cleaned, and discharged. 


NILIT EcoCare: The Fast Facts

- Our recycled polymer allows for the spinning of high-quality yarns that retain the properties of virgin fibers.
- They retain the excellent color depth and uniformity via regular dye processes.
- There are no inconsistencies in the properties of any of the recycled yarn.
- Applications in intimate wear, legwear, active-wear, and ready-to-wear products.
- Available in Dtex count: 70/40/1, 70/40/2, 40/20/1, 40/20/2


NILIT Specialized Yarns & Brands


NILIT's high-performance fibers enable the creation of fabrics that deliver extreme resistance and optimal support while offering maximum flexibility. It truly is the all-round material that delivers excellence every time.


Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers can help enhance both performance and endurance. Due to the unique technologies employed throughout the fibers, their special properties remain effective for the life span of any garment.



This family of advanced fibers gives you the perfect choice of fabric for all fashion types. Available in a variety of textures and finishes, eye-catching, attractive colors and innovative dyeing techniques, these fibers offer limitless design possibilities open to everyone’s imagination. 


Striking a perfect balance between fashion and comfort, NILIT fashion yarns allow designers and manufacturers alike to produce clothing that meets every requirement in both looks and feel.



NILIT has developed a recycled yarn in order to set a global standard: of delivering the need for acknowledgment and activity in promoting and securing Eco-Friendly processes. We have a duty of care to the environment that must be met, day in and day out. 


As a pioneer and innovator in the development of a recycled nylon 6.6 yarn, with both excellent color depth and uniformity via regular dye process, NILIT's eco-friendly material provides a perfect balance between protection, well-being, and ecology. It’s a philosophy we are bound to and will hold onto in order to make materials that are environmentally friendly and focused on securing a sustainable future.