You can remember your best friend every day, but especially on Valentine's Day!

However, Valentine's Day 2021 is more special than ever. Why so?

"A good heart is better than all the heads in the world"

February is the month of love and friendship.

Namely, February 14 is the worldwide Valentine's Day.

On this day, it is traditional to share your kindness and love with your dear friends. We all want to meet our friends and loved ones, spend time together and share small gifts and lots of hugs and kisses.

In 2021, things will be a little different ...


You must have also wondered how difficult the corona-times have been lately.

We are far from sharing hugs and kisses with our loved ones, and this year you can't toast glasses with your friends on this Valentine's Day. We still have to follow the rules and keep each other healthy.

That's why it’s essential to remember your friends especially this year!

If it is not physically possible to meet, make a nice phone or video call and surprise your friends with warm and cute socks!

SURPRISE BOX with 7 sock pairs for every week day


When you are in isolation or away from friends, you will definitely feel like reading for days. When will it be over? When would it be possible to meet again?

We have one very great solution to offer - a weekly gift package!

You can find a pleasantly warm pair of socks in the pack every day by opening the window. From Monday to Sunday. And so in 2021 you can make a practical but memorable gift for your friend.

To make everyone feel special, there are many different boxes: for a dog lover, a cat lover, a solid man, a more modest friend and even children!

Surprises are always interesting and with this gift box you can ask a friend for a picture of the socks they received every day!

Keeping in touch every day. Amazing, right?!